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Host1Plus Review:- Best Cheap VPS Hosting

Although there might be thousands of VPS providers that ensures you with top class features at the best possible prices but, only a few of them can actually live up to your expectations. Host1Plus is one such known hosting provider that offers quality VPS hosting services that too at very affordable prices. This VPS hosting provider has managed to serve over thousands of its satisfied customers with quality services available at best prices. You can grab some great VPS packages offering incredible features and specifications starting from just 2$. Host1Plus is a reliable VPS solution if you are looking forward to a good VPS hosting provider.

Best Features of Host1Plus Cheap VPS Hosting

Host1Plus is one of the most viable and reasonable solution for startups and small scale business. If we compare the price and services of Host1Plus then it is definitely worth for money. Here we have listed some of its great features.

Full Root Access

Complete root access is one of the greatest advantages of all the VPS hosting packages. If you will have complete root access then you will be able to customize your server according to your own preferences. Having a VPS is just like owning a server and Host1Plus make sure that its users get complete root access that gives you the liberty to configure your server the way you like.

Ultimate Plans

Host1Plus offers the most reasonable and reliable prices for the services and packages it offers to its users. You can opt for the minimum package of Host1Plus VPS hosting starting at just 2$ per month which is comparatively low in the market. If you require top notched features and specifications then you can opt for the highest VPS package which will cost you around 85$ per month.


Depending on the demands of the website users, each and every site is required to scale up and down. You can conveniently scale to a higher package without putting in much time and effort while using Host1Plus’s VPS hosting. The plans are made keeping in view the preferences and requirements of the developer. Scalability can be a major issue but with these VPS plans you don’t have to very much as these are highly scalable and flexible as per the user’s needs.

Real Time Statistics

The most frequent problem faced by many developers is that they are unable to monitor the resources that are being used by their servers. To resolve this issue, Host1Plus offers an amazing feature that allows its users to monitor the resources that are being used by the server in real time. This will enable you to know whether the VPS package you are currently using is right for you or not and if not, then you can immediately scale up to a higher package as per your requirements.

Easy Installation and Configuration

Many of the hosting providers take a lot of time to install the server once you have finished the configuration thing. Though, Host1Plus offers easy and quick installation of the VPS servers that allows you to start quickly without waiting much for the hosting provider. You will notice minimal delay once you have configure your VPS and the time it takes to go live.

The Final Say

Host1Plus is definitely one of the cheapest and best VPS solutions that are available in the market. Compare us with other cheap web hosting providers around, You will also believe in it.  It comes with different hosting plans offered at different prices which mean that Host1Plus has got something for everyone. With some great specifications offered at best possible price Host1Plus’s VPS hosting are definitely worth a try.