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Take Redisand Couchdb Training to Build an Effective Web Application

What the course is about?
The Redis technology with its unique features used to handle unique data structure capabilities. There are many online training classes available for this. This course provides a developer-level opening along with more advanced and useful features. Similarly, the Redis training course also includes the hands-on training with Redis and Java and creates a complete system from data design to implement java and integration with the BI and dashboard tools.This course covers the concepts of Redis data structure, web applications support components and its uses in search-based applications. The participants will gain in-depth knowledge and the confidence to use Redis in their enterprise applications.
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Who can do this course?
The following professionals are the targeted audience for this course,

  • Software development managers
  • CTO
  • Software architects
  • System architects
  • Data architects
  • Developers

The objectives of this course are

  • Learn unique data structure of Redis and how to take advantage of Redis
  • Gain knowledge about how to integrate Redis with other types of tools and how to scale it
  • Learn the best practices of Redis and how to leverage it for the maximum productivity
  • Experience the advantages of Redis
  • Know the reason why Redis is now replacing all the other databases

One of the most popular technologies used in the web is the CouchDB. There are many kinds of training courses are available for this.
What the course is about?
The main goal of this training is to help the participants to create database solutions for their web applications across various devices. The CouchDB training helps the users to perform data mapping, querying, combining and filtering. This training course focuses on the hands-on training to provide the participants the confidence to work with the CouchDB and integrate it with other technologies and machines.
The participants those who take this training can learn about the basic NoSQL application development tasks that are required for a modern web application. At the end of this course, the participants will be able to meet the real world CouchDB challenges.
Who can do this course?
This course is designed for the following professionals,

  • Developers
  • Web developers
  • And for the students those who want to explore the NoSQL database and to build apps with CouchDB

The participants those who want to take this course are expected to have some predefined concepts and techniques. The knowledge that the participants are expected to have are given below:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML
  • Basic knowledge of SQL and
  • The Basic knowledge of Relational database design

What the participants will learn?
The participants those who take this course will learn

  • About the NoSQL database and their deign techniques
  • The difference of the CouchDB from a SQL system
  • The document based features of CouchDB and how they are used in the real world projects
  • How to use the programming features of CouchDB and build the web applications

The certificate will be given to the candidates at the end of the course.