Creating the Perfect Mixtures

There are some industries that depend heavily on the milling process to create an end product, but the job is not complete until a proper dispersion or mix of substances has been achieved. This may be as simple as adding liquid evenly to a powder or a mixture of various powders. The key to success is to make sure that the dispersing and mixing is done evenly and consistently. This is where the correct dispersing and mixing blade comes in handy.
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What Is a Dispersion Blade?
A dispersion blade is a part added to a shaft that has alternating directional teeth that self-sharpen as they work. They allow for the perfect mixture of solids and liquids, solids with other solids or any combination of the above. They tend to wear well, depending on the type of use and material construction is used for the blade. They come in stainless steel, poly materials and other metal alloys.
How Does a Dispersion Blade Assist the Milling Process?
Actual milling and grinding of materials may only be a part of what it takes to end up with the final product to be used. This is true in cases of certain medication or items as simple as paint. A dispersion blade becomes an essential part of the process. Using the correct type of blade for the materials to be mixed or dispersed is as critical as the finding the right grinding media for solid materials milling.
Types of Dispersion Blades
The shape and dimension of a blade offers different mixing and dispersing characteristics. There is an incredible variety of blades on the market to serve the needs of any lab milling operation. There are polyurethane anti-static, large scoop, serrated edge, angled tooth, sweep, multi-layer, propeller, prop, axial flow, high-efficiency, bow tie, butterfly helical, anchor blades and more.
Dispersion Blade Accessories
You can also set up your dispersion center nicely with a few accessories like blade covers, shafts, stiffening plates, plastic mixing sticks or adapter plates. You can make the end part of the milling process run smooth and efficiently at an affordable price.
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