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Top 6 fast and fluid news apps for Android and iPhone

2015 has been a year all about technology infiltrating publication industry. Google launched its open source platform for the publishers with Twitter, Facebook introduced Instant Articles while Apple announces it News app. Simultaneously, LinkedIn, AOL and Yahoo issued important updates to their respective apps depicting that there is no dearth of interest in the news world especially on mobile platforms.
And here are the 6 hand-picked fluid and fast news apps designed for the iPhone and Android users. No matter whether you’re a news junkie or a casual purveyor of local to global affairs – the apps just serve your purpose perfectly.
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  1. BuzzFeed – Its viral listicals as well as other fun content are the key to its widespread popularity. While it consolidates everything on a single platform, it allows readers to customize the type of articles you read as per your taste. Quizzes, what’s trending and other news can also be explored by browsing the main menu.
  2. Flipboard – This app is especially established to provide the readers with a new reading experience while on the go. It is aimed to engage readers with the most interesting stories of the day along with a magazine-style aesthetic. You can get hundreds of publications on its news reader. Moreover, it offers a good amount of topics to indulge your choice.
  3. Yahoo News Digest – Yahoo’s acquisition of Summly was actually about redesigning News Digest which is simply an awesome creation from Yahoo. The app offers top 10 local stories using Summly’s artificial intelligence to represent information in a tidy format. The news coverage gets changed after every few hours keeping readers updated all through the day.
  4. Reddit – It comes in a number of options while Reddit Relay for Android and Alien Blue for iOs are highly recommended. If you haven’t tried Reddit yet, you can submit posts to related subreddits. Also you can vote for popular articles and make comment on it.
  5. LinkedIn Pulse – Though it received a much required update just a couple of months back, most of its functionalities remain unchanged. With it, you can choose articles of preferred publishers or people and also use their login info to sign in. It also touts its video player that allows the team to select and organize the most significant stories of the business world. This app is especially beneficial for the business people.
  6. Pocket – This is an amazing news app for those who read only the headlines but don’t have time to get into the story. It also allows you to store news for reading later as per your convenience. It features an easy-to-use user interface to let you find the content you saved, bookmark them while archive others you wish to get back later. Its new Recommended feature also lets you check what other users have saved.

Discussed above is a nice collection of news apps which you can use to read the latest and the most updated news on the go.
Author’s Bio – The author of the content Sandra is a passionate blogger with over 8 years of writing experience. She writes for leading news sites such as DX, Rocektnews and others.