App Store Optimization: Should you be worried about ASO?

What is more fascinating that the app gets more exposure than before? Ain’t that be better the Smartphone App get much more visibility than before without spending a single penny.
When you have an app to launch, of course, you are winding up every single penny and pouring more life by investing four figures for advertisements. Publications which are moving your app fan base and increasing number of users on daily basis. Usually, all of the cost can go above $1000, isn’t that true? Maybe that’s just the start of the journey and the highlight of the campaign yet to come.
Not every App nature is the same and with the category differs, so the campaign needs. Advertisements cost above $1000 depending on the type and exposure you are expecting from the campaign.
Any expert would say, it is a wise move for a start-up app to get on his feet for the time being, but what about after the start-up? How long are you planning to depend on the ad campaigns? Can you invest more and more to keep up with the competition continuously till you are out of funds? What is the use of an that cannot even generate users of its own?
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Maybe you have been making a mistake. A mistake which is building a wall between the App and the users. New users are not aware of your app brand, but they are searching out for the similar app in the Android market. Now let me give you few concealing facts about the ASO.
As we have mentioned, ASO stands for App Store Optimization. Not many experts or the founders of the are aware of the fact that even Google Play Store has optimization, and the optimization is considered as a ranking factor both on the Google Play as well the search engine.
Still not convinced? Then I would like to give you few examples of how it can be practical for your app.

  • Paying for advertisements can assist you to get downloads, app ratings and reviews service and users for the time till you run the ad campaign. However, if you pay attention to the ASO, you can drive users naturally without any efforts.
  • ASO hits more natural views and opportunity than the ad campaign because the ranking factors are long term. On the top of that, you will get only the targeted downloads so the number of retention users will be decent.
  • When you are making such an effort on the ranking factors, then you will rank of the world most visited website “Google”. If you are ranking on Play store, you will sure to appear on the first of the result for you category keyword. Since Search engine has more users than the play store, you will get more views and downloads.
  • Your prime focus should be on the Description because description ios the second thing users tend to look at because users are trying to search for the needs and requirements. Know your audience first, then add necessary points in the description.
  • Description:Add attractively but make sure those interface in the snapshot should not be more attractive than the actual interface because you do not want to break the high hopes of the users.
  • Title:A quick, eye-catching title can open up more opportunities to convince the users to try the app. The title should have your category phrase, for example: “Photo Editor”. By adding the phrases, you can grab more attention to the app.

So at the very end of the article, optimization doesn’t cost you much, if you know the needs of the users. You can add the Title, Description & Images for the users.