5 Techniques for muscle development

In this article, we will discover 5 techniques for muscle development and Bodybuilding end. This is used by bodybuilders in the gym, as a huge arsenal of power to the next level. Bodybuilding exercises are best for anxiety and relaxation. There are advanced training techniques for “pro athletes.” They are not suitable for beginners, as far outstrip their ability to adapt. You have to have a minimum experience of several months of systematic training and programmed by a professional. You should not forget this because it is very important for your body and might have problems in terms of anxiety and relaxation. Either work on the series of high repetitions and light loads or only lift heavy weights which help develop only fast-twitch fibers. However, the use of lighter weights for higher reps will increase the size of the slow fibers (ST) develops because more time will be spent under tension (TUT).
Powerful Load is not always better
Congestion muscle (muscle swelling) that is achieved with light weights and high reps is achieved because the extra muscle time under tension causes become congested with blood. This forces you to stretch to accommodate the excess fluid, gaining in size. In the long term, this mechanism requires the muscle cell to adapt to reinforce and strengthen their muscle fibers. At the same time enhances protein synthesis, which allows repair and muscle growth after exercise.
Leave your ego at the door when you enter the gym and train with Intelligence
The addition of 1 or 2 days a week of this technique allows you to maximize the full potential of growing your muscles. Another alternative is the end of some sessions, to preserve the strength at the beginning of the session. This helps in dealing for anxiety and relaxation.
Stretching between sets
Involves stretching slightly between series, previously worked a muscle, using the weight used in the series of force. This technique generates controversy, is used by bodybuilders to promote a hypothetical hyperplasia, a phenomenon that causes the division of muscle fibers in new and independent fibers. Thus increases the total number of fibers of a muscle leading to reducing anxiety and increasing muscle relaxation.
Today, much more research is needed to determine if hyperplasia is possible. Evidence that hyperplasia occurs in human subjects is scarce (it has experienced in the avian model), and if it occurs, the effects on the cross section of muscle appear to be minimal. Most exercises cause hypertrophy, which is increased muscle cross section and diameter that is increasing the size of the fiber. Practical application: Perform 8-12 repetitions of dumbbell chest openings. In the last repetition, hold the weight 30 “so as to pull the arms to the ground about 5 cm, slightly stretching the pectoral, deltoid and biceps. Do 3 sets. Caution, if the weights are high or but careful, because of the risk of injury to muscles, tendons or ligaments is high. Stop if you feel any immediate jerk, burning or unpleasant sensation. You need to understand that the strength and muscles that are built slowly over time last longer.