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Nokia about to make a comeback in 2016

We all know about the mobile super giant company “Nokia”, how it used to ruled the mobile world about 7-8 years ago and how it went down just because of a mistake. Nokia’s keypad handsets are considered to be one of their types, unbelievably durable and easy to use. These handsets made Nokia rule the mobile phone world almost half the mobile phone using population at that time used Nokia phones.

But after the launch of Android based smartphones, Nokia lost its charm within people, being only offered Windows phone which were to be brutally honest not of that much use, people moved on to other companies and Samsung successfully managed to replace Nokia’s place. One of the best are homeshop18  promo codes.
Nokia’s downfall and the current running phones
There was a time when Nokia released its premium phone series namely the N series phone which at that time cost an awful lot of money, these phones made massive sales and Nokia went to heights, the three main smartphones launched in this series became the first choice of youth at that time and thus expanded Nokia’s customer circle. Nokia’s brand value faced a big setback when Android based smartphones started to become the first choice of new smartphone buyers, without much to offer in the windows phones Nokia couldn’t manage its running smartphones and thus saw a big downfall. Though Nokia tried its very best by launching different high-end Lumia phones along with its venture with Microsoft. Some of the phones gained popularity for a while but did not last in the long run. Currently the company has small keypad based handsets being sold in the market and as a matter of fact these too are not generating enough sales for the company. If you want to purchase any existing Nokia phones you can use flipkart mobiles offer to get some extra discounts.
Nokia’s upcoming phone smartphone
Nokia has faced it bad times in the recent years, but the company has finally decide to make a comeback, not long ago there were confirmed leaks that Nokia is about to launch a smartphone running on Android this year itself. As of what rumors say the phone is supposed to be named ‘Nokia C1’ and will sport a 2GB RAM along with a 16 GB hard disk. Nokia is believed to offer a 8 MP rear and 5 MP front camera with this phone. Without more revelations the only other things known is that it will be running on Android Marshmallow and will have 5 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen.
As its said ‘Its better late than never’, and we just can’t wait for this smartphone to come out, the whole world has its eyes on Nokia for its next move, if the company manages to launch a phone with reasonable price and features it might give a big shiver to the popular companies running the market right now. With Nokia’s durable phones, excellent service and the trust among people, we sure can say that this year might bring back Nokia’s legacy in the mobile market.