CBSE Sample Papers Class 12

We all know how difficult it is when are kids have just stepped into the class 12 and is getting ready to write their board exams. Not only is it the most crucial exam that your kids attempt during schools but it also paves the path for life as based on the scores of the board exams your kids can then apply for the colleges they want to. Not only that but many entrance exams also consider the 12th scores to take admits into their institutions. The CBSE board syllabus is extremely vast and takes a lot of time to cover and understand each and every concept. As such it is really important that your kids go through the CBSE sample papers for class 12before actually attempting to write the examination. This will help your kid in understanding what type of questions are expected in the board exams. This will further help your kid to understand which topics are more important and what are the question patterns expected so that he can prepare for his examinations accordingly. CBSE sample papers class 12 are also useful because each and every subject is very different. As such the questions that are asked from each and every subject will also have different patterns. As such your kid should be familiarized with all the different subject papers so that on the day of the actual exam he is much more confident and knows exactly what to expect.

The sample papers for class 12 also familiarize your kids with the duration and marks of the examination. Your kid gets a clear idea of the various sections in the exam paper and how much time he or she has to attempt each and every section. This year onwards the CBSE exam pattern has also changed. Previously questions used to be asked directly from the book. But nowadays the focus has completely changed. Only 30 percent of the questions asked this year was directly from the book. The rest of the 70 percent of the questions which forms the major chunk of the questions was purely application based. Students were not used to application based questions and took a lot of time in understanding each and every question. As such it was very difficult to attempt all the questions. This also led to lower marks in the CBSE board exams. To prevent any sort of mishap as this you should ensure that your kids have gone through the CBSE sample papers for class 12.
Byju’s classes provides you with comprehensive solutions for all the CBSE sample papers class 12. This ensures that your child is prepared for the exams and does not get a shock on the day he steps to write his board exams. These exams are after all a gateway to all college admissions and hence you should ensure that your child is fully prepared to score good marks in these examinations.