The joy of learning educational change engine

Who it is someone who accompanies educate, invites, facilitates manifest enthusiasm, makes proposals and shows how interesting it can be to participate. But the role is the learner.” Joseba Martínez Huerta: The glow of the firefly. Stories rethink education.
EducationAs regards education, Finland is always present in all discussions about educational excellence and good performance of its education system. But after a small setback and stop being at the top of the PISA rankings, now go and decide to change everything (read this in “sarcasm”). These Finns are curious!
It turns out that after a year of meetings and teamwork have introduced a new curriculum according to the Ministry of Education filandes is founded on “the joy of learning and the active role of students”. Far from looking in the mirror of those countries that have come to occupy the top places PISA few educational methods that border on child abuse, which is responsible for the best educational system in the world used as engine change the joy of learning. These Finns are curious!
In an interview published in School (Nun. 4,057), Irmeli Halinen, Director of Curriculum Development of the National Council of Education of Finland, he says that students should become more involved in the organization of the school. It is essential to allow students to contribute their ideas, their opinions and their actions to the operation of the school, just so the school may loosen up a bit, you can lose strength and become more flexible and permeable to change. Only then they can disfrustrate students and teachers, motivated and hard-working but with joy at the same time.
They are curious these Finnish! They are able to turn around its educational system but know ponder what should be retained from the previous system without falling into cliches, no fads, no excesses … They highlight the importance of competence project work, but do not eliminate it subjects the “thin” and rethink their goals so that you can work on collaborative projects. Respect freedom of teachers to choose textbooks and other learning materials either published or produced by themselves and consider the role of ICT is “very important” in the words of Halinen “technology should be included in the so that really serve the teaching. “
I have never said that we should copy the educational system (or any other country), but maybe we should learn from them and be brave to rethink education fleeing topics and preconceptions. One suggestion, put in our schools a cocktail of creativity, collaboration, values, emotions and enthusiasm … and certainly surprised us the results in the form of joy of learning, less dropout and happier people.