The innovative and creative school

The students start school with a great imagination, curiosity and creativity, until they discover that it is more important to know the correct answer to do some interesting questions.” Hal Gregerser, cited by Tony Wagner in creating innovative.
EducationFor a long time, the main purpose of school education has been that students are able to answer questions. The more questions you are able to respond better. The “hidden” message was not necessary that you think why things are that way, just remember you are.
Therefore it is assessed examinations often test type where only care about the end result. By applying a template we can fix lots of tests and notes qualify as curious as 4.5 or 6.2. What the hell that mean?
A school of our times we can not keep asking the same. Today’s society requires innovative and creative able to give different usual problems and provide effective solutions to the problems that lie ahead answers people. In this world of constant change, the transformation of school is not an option, but a necessity.
Recently I read an interview (magazine Guix, January 2015) with the teacher and written Briton John Abbott, which said that “Children are born to learn, not to be taught.” In other words, they should be the ones to build their experience-based learning, test, question, err … get excited about the learning process, not only with the end result.
But beware of making the mistake of thinking that we should not teach anything to our students because they have easy access to information. Nothing is further from reality. You can not be innovative or creative if they have the “empty head”. The question is more focus … we teach them things to be able to apply them to solve problems and not only be able to memorize and recite.
The school can no longer be just a place to pass on knowledge, but must also be a space to create and share. The school can no longer be just a place where the teacher talks and the students listen, but should be a forum where information is shared, where debate and opine.