Techniques and Instruments for evaluation…is the same?

Is speaking an assessment tool? And a notebook? Is a test technique or instrument?
What a mess bring us in social networks, regulatory frameworks and some books that are now specialized in recycling process of evaluating this or how to evaluate learning standards and evaluation indicators.
EducationI will be quite precise in my answer; for this I will follow the steps of a monographic own research:
What is art ?
A technique (the Greek , τέχνη [techne] ‘art, technology, trade’) is a procedure or set of rules, regulations or protocols which aims to achieve a particular result, either in the field of science, technology, art, sports, education or any other activity. It is the set of procedures used for art, science or activity, usually acquired through practice and require certain skills or abilities.
In teacher evaluation we can speak of techniques: observation, measurement, self-assessment and peer assessment.
What is an instrument?
The tool that is going to go to record the developments of students. The most common tools that teachers use are: rating scales, rubrics, analog, diary, log sheets …
What are the books, tests or oral presentations in the evaluation?
Are application contexts where students demonstrate mastery of learning that is acquiring. In the Andalusian regulations approved we recently read “The given evaluation criteria approach generates a relational and systemic structure between all elements of the curriculum, that is, allows the adjustment of evaluation criteria for a given cycle and sets main processes develop and evaluate students. These processes applied in certain contexts generate skills and facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the stage.”