Changing education to change the world

“[…] Too many students graduating from colleges and universities knowing how to pass the exams, but nothing motivated to learn, and completely lacking in essential skills.” Tony Wagner: Creating innovative.
The education that we teach in our schools will condition significantly the kind of society we will have in future generations. Therefore it is very important that the school is able to capture the characteristics and needs of the world in which we live to adapt to them and offer the kind of education that serves to meet these new and changing situations.
EducationIf only we educate our students to be able to pass exams and have an excellent academic record … we will be doing them a disservice. That bright record will open the doors to allow succeed academically, but we’re not giving them the skills to succeed in life. Everything changes so fast that we do not have the foggiest idea of what skills they will need to succeed in the future.
With this I am not saying it should not work concepts in our classrooms. We must work with rigor. What not to do is to make education a direct student of the teachers know who owns transmission. The student can not be a passive recipient of knowledge figure. They must work on concepts from different areas of knowledge in a practical way, recognizing its applicability to situations that pose a challenge for the student.
We must move from a teaching of the retention, storage and information recitation of teaching analysis, application and creation of knowledge. It is therefore essential to encourage the curiosity and imagination of students. Curiosity because without it there is no motivation to learn. Imagination because to give different answers to problematic situations require to see things from new perspectives.
The school should not be the place for the transmission of knowledge, but where students access to information and are able to analyze it, evaluate it and apply it. In this school, critical thinking and problem solving become essential elements.
The consequences of not changing the way of teaching in our schools are so harmful to people and to society than the fact that not doing so is an act of irresponsibility that teachers can not afford.