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Valuable Tips to Improve the Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

The smartphones are becoming smarter each day. The advancement in technology has made it possible to crunch in a plethora of features within the smartphones. Not to mention, the various innovative apps that serve several purposes have made life a lot easy and simple. However, as the features and applications are squeezed in, it is having an impact on the battery life.

If you are a smartphone user you must have surely experienced a situation where your battery drained off completely at a crucial moment. Well, you certainly are not alone in the world that goes through this adversity. Millions of smartphone users around the world face this hardship every day. You may then ask, isn’t there are a way out to keep the smartphone battery working for a long time. Indeed, there are ways by which you can prevent the juice draining off completely, here are some valuable tips to keep your android powered smartphones last long.
Before you know the tips, it is important to understand the fact that before buying a new phone it is pivotal to do a bit of research on the features of the phone to check which phones offer the best battery life. Also, it is advisable to check for the compareraja mobile offers to know which retailer is offering your desired phone at the lowest price and thereby save money on your purchase.
Keep the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off
Both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi consume a lot of power, so to ensure that your battery lasts for a longer time, disable them when not required.
Click pictures without flash
If you love to click pictures and selfies on your Android smartphone, it is best advised to switch off your flash light unless you are clicking in dark condition. The small flash lights are quite powerful and they eat up lot of battery.
Keep your screen brightness low
Just like laptops and computers, you can save a lot of battery and increase the battery life by keeping the brightness of your mobile screen low. You can consider keeping the brightness to 50% or you can even adjust the settings so that the brightness adjusts automatically according to the external light condition.
Keep the applications updated
Most of the applications makers keep updating their apps so as to increase the battery efficiency and consume less power. It is best advised to keep the automatic updates on to prolong your battery life and stay connected through the day.
Power off your phone
Of course, this may not be possible always but you can still try to keep your phone switched off while you are at a place where you don’t receive network signal or while you are going to sleep. You can even consider keeping your phone off during business hours. This will save your battery life.
Close the applications
The numerous applications you have installed consider the maximum amount of battery. While you use multiple applications simultaneously a lot of power is consumed and it may result in draining off your battery. It is therefore advised to close the applications when you don’t want them to be in use. These applications continue to run in the background. To close the applications on your android smartphone simply double click the home button and click on the button on the extreme right corner at the bottom.