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The concept of online secure transactions was invented by Tim Berners Lee by using the Transmission Control Protocol. Invention of this protocol helped people to hide their personal information and avoided someone to misuse it. That was the time when people started using the debit and the credit cards feeling secured. Few great minds started coming up with the various online systems. The first online system to launch was a shopping cart. It allowed people to shop from home. Slowly and steadily, people started adopting these technologies and these inventors received an amazing feedback and response from the users. So that triggered the minds of various other geniuses to come up with a similar system but a different strategy. So today there are shopping carts available for electronic, apparels, kitchenware, furniture, toys, jewellery, books, music CDS and DVS etc. This list is endless. Also online banking, online marketing, online advertising, online procurement and almost everything can be now done online. This online world has a greater and a faster opportunity than that of the traditional methods. That is how the online food ordering system comes into existence. Different people, different teams and different strategies is how these online systems work. The best feature of the online food ordering system is that you can avail the discounts and offers for yourself anytime of the day. Also these systems are available 24*7. So if you are hungry late night, then there is nothing to worry about. In fact, according to your locality, the GPS will track those restaurants or coffee shops open even late night. You can either move out of the house or you can order the same at your place. When people migrate to a new place, they normally don’t have anything at their home, so they prefer either restaurant food. But all you need is a high speed internet for the same. The high speed internet allows you to get a faster access to these kinds of applications. Additionally, this system can also avail discounts and offers available on the meals if the restaurant permits them to do so.
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Anyone who plans to come up with a new venture, they see to it that their idea is not tiny. The tiny the concept the lesser the response and that is how the market works. Similarly, it was not an easy task to come up with tinyowl at a short notice. The team developed this application and expanded in various metropolitan cities of India within a span of a year. They launched the application in the year of 2014 and within the next 6 months they expanded over Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Bangalore and Gurgaon. Since the world was transforming online, they were coming up with new technologies and thought of connecting the people real well. Thus, they thought of coming up with a mobile based food ordering system on android and IOS platform. They selected these ordering systems since they are leading in the market. Apart from restaurant ordering, they also have the facilities to order the homemade food and have created a separate application for the same. They didn’t want to confuse even a little with data mining. They are receiving stunning response from the users and as per the statistics, today more than 2000 orders are being placed on daily basis. This is not everyone’s cup of tea to reach the market at such pace.
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“This application is simply stunning. It has helped me always satisfy my hunger. The GPS locator helps me with the nearby restaurants and according to the estimated time of delivery I order the food. There are few dishes which I loved a lot delivered by a few restaurants. When I wanted to order the same, it was not a pain because the order history is being tracked. Normally, the debit card payment always puts me on loss. But tinyowl doesn’t. If the food won’t be delivered, the cash would be definitely returned to me. They value other’s cash and not keep it with them. Apart from that, this application doesn’t possess any fake prices or restaurants which would keep me waiting for hours and keep me starving. Thank You Tinyowl! Keep Expanding!”