Recovering The Permanently Deleted Files

Sometimes, one wants to restore the files one deleted by mistake or one change his/her mind to keep the files. Recovering deleted files is not a difficult job to do. The process is called the restoration or recovery of deleted files.  Recovering files from the recycle bin is very easy as one can do it just file right clicking the file and choosing the restore option for the menu and the file will be restored to the location from where it was deleted. It can also be done by double clicking the icon to be restored and the clicking on the restore button.

Restoring the Recycle Bin Icon on the desktop

If the recycle bin icon cannot be found on the desktop, it can be bought back by right clicking on the desktop and selecting the personalization option. Then select the change desktop icon that will open the desktop icon settings box. The option of recycle bin will appear, by clicking on that checkbox and the apply button will bring the recycle bin icon back on the desktop.

Using EaseUS to recover the files deleted from the recycle bin

Recycle bin recovery can be done using the EaseUS data recovery software. One never would have thought that he could recover permanently deleted files that have even been deleted from the recycle bin. Actually, these files do not leave the device completely but store themselves somewhere in the device which the device cannot locate on its own. A software called the EaseUS data recovery software helps to locate those files.

There are only three steps for the recovery of files deleted from the recycle bin:-

  1. The first step I to download, install and launch the program of recovery into your device. This is a very easy step as downloading it is free and effortless. The EaseUS software is easy to use and provides with all the necessary features.
  2. The second step is to select the storage location from where the data was lost and initiate the two scans that is the quick scan and the deep scan. The second scan occurs to find the files which could be detected by the first scan. A wizard will open, from which the scanning starts. The second scan will automatically be started when the first scan is finished.
  3. The result will be shown for both the scans and after that one can preview the files that one wants to restore and by clicking on the restore button, the selected files will be restored to the desired location.


Hence, to recover a permanently deleted file is not difficult. Everyone can do the task of recovering and everyone who uses data and information in their day to day life and stores it in a device should be aware of the fact that he/she must not be worry about data loss at any time. EaseUS also works as well built partition recovery software that recovers deleted partitions. In world of technological advancements, one must make use of every new option available to them to stay in the competition of growth.

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